Monday, May 14, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 on VMWare

I wanted to check the newly released Ubuntu Fiesty fawn (version 7.04) on my windows XP professional installtion. Though I really wanted to install Ubuntu on the hard drive, I could not do that primarily for two reasons. 1. The current windows installation is only on a single drive without any partition, thereby removing the possibility of dual boot option. 2. My present assignment is on .net/biztalk where I am figuring out how to use these two to their best, so I did not wanted to touch the current windows configuration.
So I instlled the free VMWare Player .
Then I downloaded a virtual image configuration from EasyVMX. I had to mention the location of the downloaded ubuntu iso image file at the CDROM Drives -> disk # 2 (slave) drive so that I could directly boot from that without even creating a CD. For installing from a CD, the disk #1 (master) drive can be used.

By just double cliking the .vmx file from the unzipped easyVMX configuration, the VMPlayer started and I could install ubuntu after selecting the CD2 from the menu bar of the VMPlayer.

But I still have not been able to enable the awesome desktop effects[see those to believe] on the virtual image. No idea if VMPlayer 2.0 supports this or not.

Trivia : The ubuntu version number follows year.month of release pattern, e.g. Fiesty fawn(7.04) was released in 07 April, Edgy eft (6.10) was released in 06 October.