Monday, May 28, 2007

In Ubuntu Land

Finally, I decided to resize the single partition (I had windows mounted on the single partition) and install Ubuntu in a dual boot system. I used the ubuntu 7.04 installer to do the partition resizing too. Before the installation process, I ensured that there is enough contigous space available. During installation, I selected manual disk partioning mode. I allocated 60% of the disk space to windows, 2Gb for linux swap, rest for primary ext3 partition. The installation process was very smooth and effortless. I currently use a Dell Latitude D620 laptop and ubuntu configured the video driver, wireless connection etc. correctly in that. I then followed the few tips provided by Seven Post-Install tips for Ubuntu 7.04 and installed Automatix2 which again made installation of some of the most often used applications simpler. I am now trying to figure out the best of the Beryl effects for me now.

Watch the windows vista vs. ubuntu beryl effects and I must say that the WOW begins with beryl.