Friday, May 11, 2007

Custom functoids with Visual Studio

In my current project, I have been using Biztalk server 2004 with Visual Studio 2003. We have some custom functoids that are needed by some of the mappings. We made certain insignificant changes to the functoid and compiled that. After that we duly copied to the location 'biztalk installation folder'\Developer Tools\Mapper Extensions. Also we gac-ed the dll. But when we ran the deploy target from nant, the orchestrations that had this functoid started failing. Surprisingly, when we did the same in another computer it passed smoothly. The only difference in these two machines was that in the former machine, the custom functoid had been added to the toolbox of the visual studio.

So, the correct steps to use custom functoid is:

  • Make sure that you have removed the custom functoids from the toolbox.
  • Compile the functiods.
  • Copy it to 'biztalk installation folder'\Developer Tools\Mapper Extensions.